NSG 013: Troy Black

Chef Troy Black is a champion competitve bbq’er, author and teacher. But mainly he’s a dreamer. A big dreamer. Like the time he decided he could get corporate sponsorships for BBQ competition like NASCAR drivers. And he did.

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Troy has gone from cop to landscape business owner to Southern Living landscape expert to BBQ champion to author, teacher and chef.

Listen and you’ll be inspired to dream big and then figure out how to make it happen.

Learn more at www.cheftroyblack.com

NSG 012: Will Anderson

Will Anderson is an example of the next generation’s goal of combining entrepreneurship and doing good for others. He’s the owner of Salem Town Board Company , a company that builds handmade skateboards. But what sets Will apart is he decided to locate his company in one of the worst neighborhoods in Nashville and employ the young men who live there. Here’s how they put it “We exist to build boards people love to ride while creating jobs for young men who need them.” Processed with VSCOcam with 3 preset Will is an interesting guy:

  • He’s got a seminary degree
  • He’s the son of a Presbyterian pastor
  • He has some very strong opinions about evangelicals

There’s a good chance you’ll be challenged and maybe even ticked-off a little while you listen. But hang in there and you’ll find yourself dealing with why you think a certain group of people are the way they are. But the biggest challenge will be that you’ll no longer have any excuse for not getting your hands dirty to help solve society’s problems instead of just talking about it. Will and I talked in a coffee shop, so there is a bit of background noise. PS Here’s the CBS Sunday Morning story where I first heard about Will.

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How to Listen to a Podcast

Listening to a podcast on your iPhone is not complicated! In the few steps below I’ll show you how to listen and subscribe to any podcast like maybe the New Southern Gentleman.

Step One

Select the podcast app on your iPhone.

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Step Two

Touch the magnifying glass to search for a podcast.


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Step Three

Type in the name of the podcast.


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Step Four

Select the podcast


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Step Five

Touch the subscribe button. This will automatically download future episodes.


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Step Six

Touch the cloud icon to download old episodes.


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Step Seven

You’ll see this when an episode is finished downloading.


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Step Eight

Select the podcast to listen




Step Nine

This is what you’ll see as you listen to the episode


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That’s all there is to it. Now you can listen to a podcast whenever and whereever you want.

NSG 011: Danny Vinson

Who says you have to live in Los Angeles or New York to become a working actor? Danny Vinson has appeared in 50 movies as part of a career that didn’t even begin until he was 39. Along the way he’s appeared in:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Walk the Line
Talladega Nights
The Walking Dead

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In this episode Danny talks about how he got his start, taking whatever job he could get on a movie set and the importance of a great work ethic.

Clips of the two scenes Danny talked about with Will Ferrell and Reese Witherspoon



NSG 010: Dr. Randy Cross

Randy Cross is a man who wears many hats: college english professor, writer, one of the featured commentators on History Channel’s “You Don’t Know Dixie” and star of a one man storytelling show, “Life Makes Me Laugh”.

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Growing up in St Joe, Tennessee means he has plenty of stories. Mostly about his father but he says he got his sense of humor from his mother. The story he tells about her returning a microwave oven is priceless.

Mark Twain has had a profound influence on Randy. Not only was he the subject of Randy’s dissertation at Ole Miss, but if you’ll watch the youtube clip below , you’ll see Randy on stage doing what Twain did, telling stories and entertaining people.

During the conversation Randy talks about:

  1. How his father dug a basement under their home, by hand!
  2. How an Ole Miss professor took him under his wing and guided him through his doctoral program.
  3. How his father influences him to this day.

Oh, by the way, Randy casually mentioned to me off the air that he was a two-time Fulbright Scholar! All in all, Randy Cross is just like his father, a true renaissance man.




21 Things To Know By 21-Measure Twice, Cut Once

21Most any boy raised in the South heard “measure twice, cut once” at least once growing up. Basically it just means paying attention to what you’re doing, taking pride in doing a good job. But too many men today live more like “measure once, cut twice”. “Good enough” seems to be the new standard.

But you don’t need to adopt that standard because lack of attention to detail is a huge indicator of immaturity. Every 21-year-old guy who wants to be taken seriously by the men they respect, needs to learn measure twice and cut once.

You also don’t have to be a carpenter for this to matter. Guys who sit behind a desk can settle for “good enough” work too. Like email. Seriously, does anybody proofread anymore?

Here’s a few tips on how to measure twice and cut once with email.

  1. Do an Idiot Check- Read your email and if you find an error, you have to start all over, then keep going until you don’t find any errors.
  2. Give yourself a cooling off period before hitting the send button. An email is like a bullet, once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.
  3. Pay attention to “reply all” or reply to just the sender. It matters. A lot.
  4. Be careful forwarding jokes. I know this may come as a shock but not everyone appreciates your sense of humor.
  5. Your work account should not be used for personal email. Remember, emails from a business account are considered company property and may be (probably are) monitored.

One more really important area to measure twice cut once, especially if you’re a young guy just starting out, is your resume.

Remember, a resume is not supposed to get you a job, it’s supposed to get you an interview and that won’t happen if it’s full of mistakes like these:

  • “Received a plague for Salesperson of the Year.”
  • “Am a perfectionist and rarely if if ever forget details.”
  • “Instrumental in ruining entire operation for a Midwest chain store.”

I have to admit this is an area where I really struggle. Normally I’m a fire and forget kind of guy but that doesn’t get the job done, so I have to constantly remind myself to measure twice and cut once.

NSG 009: Wes Neighbors

This episode is a conversation with a member of the First Family of Alabama Football, Wes Neighbors. That’s not an exaggeration when you know his dad Billy was in Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant’s first recruiting class and Wes was in the last class he recruited. Then you add in the fact that his son Wesley also played there and you understand the Neighbors’ roots run deep in Tuscaloosa. But not just there, Wes’ son Connor plays for LSU.

Wes is now the president of Neighbors Wealth Management Group and hosts a daily sports talk show, The Drive on 97.7 The Zone .

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While there are plenty of stories about his playing days at Alabama, this is really a conversation about a man who loved and respected his father and wanted to be like him. I believe Wes is more concerned about living up to his father’s legacy as a dad than as a football player.

A few high lights:

  • He never felt pressured by his dad to play at Alabama
  • He wouldn’t allow his sons to play football until they asked to
  • His father’s greatest legacy may be teaching Wes that you have to work for anything and everything. No matter how talented you are.

Wes has lived out what his dad taught him and that’s what a New Southern Gentleman does.


NSG 008: Cole Cubelic

In this episode I have a conversation with @ESPN and @SECNetwork football analyst and host of the @cubeshow on WUMP 103.9 FM, Cole Cubelic.

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Cole talks about what it’s like to play SEC football, be in medical sales and broadcasting. Along the way you’ll hear:

-Why a QB should never show up a lineman
-His view on paying college athletes and his alternative plan to compensate them
-Why he thinks complacency is the same as laziness
-His goal to become the color analyst for the 2:30 CBS college football telecast

Cole also wants to help college football players understand the head start they have in life. He talks about getting an interview because a hiring manager knew his name. But he’s also quick to point that he still had to perform.

Don’t miss what Cole has to say about working with Paul Finebaum, including meeting infamous caller and “ultimate” Auburn fan, Tammy.

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NSG 007: Killer Beaz

Every once and while you meet a guy who’s a perfect example of “more than meets the eye”. That’s Killer Beaz, AKA Truett S. Beasley, Jr. I mean how many guys do you know who play blues guitar, hang out with Lynyrd Skynyrd, have a 30 plus year career as a stand up comic AND can embalm a body? That’s Killer.

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In this episode you’ll hear him tell stories about all of that plus give a priceless piece of advice to 18-year old Killer.

Check out his website, to find out where’s he’s going to be performing and buy a ticket!

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