Two Sides to Every Story


What? I’ve never regretted living by the old southern saying, “there’s 2 sides to every story”. The reason is when I tell a story I don’t focus my mistakes but on the mistakes made by others. The problem is, the real truth is usually somewhere in the middle. So What? The internet, FaceBook and Twitter have made […]

Moral Code


Church League softball:Def- a sporting event purported to foster fellowship among members of the Christian faith. Summer in the deep South means lots of things homemade ice cream, spending as much as possible in the water and church league softball. Now if you didn’t grow up in the South or if you did and managed […]

“All Over but the Shoutin’”

all over but the shoutinIf you grew up in the South, especially Alabama, you need to read “All Over but the Shoutin’”. The book was written by Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times reporter Rick Bragg and is his look back at growing up dirt poor outside of Anniston Alabama. Bragg deals with feeling like he always had to prove he was good enough to fit in with people who had a better childhood than his and impossible it actually was.

Just an all around great book.

21 Things to Know by 21-How to Listen


“Wise men are not always silent but they know when to be” -Unknown   Want to know if that girl is interested in you? Want to know if your prospect wants to buy your product? Want to know if the guy interviewing you is really interested in hiring you? You actually can know the answer […]