NSG 006: Bill Dunnavant

The New Southern Gentleman PodcastThis episode is an interview with retired radio station owner, Bill Dunnavant.

Bill took a small-town, family owned radio station and with the help of a lot of talented people, transformed it into one of the top radio stations in the country. The facts speak for themselves:

-WZYP was the number one radio station in their market for the entire decade of the 80’s.
-At one time 34% of every radio in the market was tuned to WZYP.
-In the 90’s WZYP was the #1 radio station (it’s size) in America

Bill was a master of promotions, doing the normal radio stations give aways like cars and vacations. But he decided to take it up a notch and gave away a house!

His real skill was identifying and developing talent. DJ’s, sales people and program director.s What most people don’t know is Bill gave Sean Hannity his break into talk radio.

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Whatever success Bill had in the business world, is overshadowed by the undeniable fact that he is a true southern gentleman.

These days Bill is involved with showing dogs and working with a great missionary organization in Mexico, Faith Ministry 

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NSG 005: James Spann

The New Southern Gentleman PodcastThis episode features a interview with ABC 33/40 Chief Meteorologist James Spann. James is considered the godfather of tv meteorologist, but in this interview you’ll learn about the other side. James the father, James the baseball coach, James, the blogger, James the podcaster, and on and on. Let me just say his work ethic is epic and I got tired just listening to all the stuff he does.

James also has a desire to serve kids and give them what he never had growing up without a dad. Which he does by teaching them every week at Double Oak Community church in Birmingham.

James packs a lot in this episode but here’s a few highlights

-He’s never applied for a job. EVER
-James made it all the way to being the chief meterologist at a station in Dallas with no formal weather training.

James says he tries to teach his two sons and other kids three keys to success
1. Have a passion for life. Be positive.
2. Have integrity, especially when nobody’s looking
3. Have a servant’s heart and look after the needs of others before yours own.

Plus the answer to the question everybody thinks when they watch James, what’s up with the suspenders?

2014-11-11 13.13.05-1

James in prolific on social media, especially twitter. Check him out.

Trust me, this is worth an hour of your time!



NSG 004: John Archibald Interview

This episode features an interview with AL.com/Alabama Media Group columnist and reporter John Archibald. John’s an authentic southern gentleman having lived all over northern Alabama as the son of a Methodist pastor. And the grandson of a Methodist pastor, in fact there are 5 generations of Methodist pastors in John’s family.

j archibald 2

Part of being a columnist is having something to say and John didn’t disappoint in that area. Here are a few highlights:

  • Write or say what you really believe, anything else is useless.
  • Be authentic, it’s obvious to others when you’re not.
  • Everybody needs an editor, but way too many guys are too-thin skinned to handle being corrected.

John also has an interesting opinion on being a reporter and voting.

Check out John’s columns on AL.COM

I Need Your Help!

I’m also asking guys, specifically those under 30, to help me with a writing project. Would you list 3 things you’d like to learn how to do? Doesn’t matter what. Change the oil in your car, buy a house. meet a good woman. Whatever. You can leave yours in the comment section or email me at dee.lauderdale.com

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NSG 003: David Lamb Interview

The New Southern Gentleman PodcastIn this episode I talk with David Lamb, area director with Man in the Mirror.

David started out living his dream doing local TV sports before moving to the news desk in Birmingham Alabama. But even though he enjoyed his job, he eventually began to dread going to work. Which lead to a journey of discovering why he wasn’t happy with a life that looked perfect to most.

david lamb

Along the way he interviewed everyone from Bill Gates to a death row inmate and even his childhood hero, the legendary coach of the Dallas Cowboys, the late Tom Landry. His story of being at the famous Sid Bream/Atlanta Braves playoff game is worth listening to all on it’s own.

David also has some powerful words of wisdom on learning from mentors and being a mentor. One way he’s living this out is being the author of “The Good Soldier”, available at Christmas.

This interview is for every guy who ever hated his job and wondered if there was any alternative.

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NSG 002: Dusty McLemore Interview

The New Southern Gentleman PodcastThis episode features an interview with Dusty McLemore, pastor of Lindsay Lane Baptist Church. You’ll hear about Dusty’s journey from high school athlete to factory worker to in-debt sports bettor to pastor of one of the largest churches in Alabama. If there is one word to describe this interview it would have to be redemption.

If you’re a young pastor who has heard about Dusty and Lindsay Lane, this episode will show you how the phenomenal growth happened.Photo

But more importantly, if you’re a guy who thinks he’s messed up too much to ever recover, you’ll hear how God was able to rebuild Dusty’s life and use him in incredible ways.


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NSG 001: Jamie Cooper Interview

The New Southern Gentleman Podcast

The very first episode of The New Southern Gentleman Podcast, featuring an interview with the Country Rover himself, Jamie Cooper.FullSizeRender

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • About the time Jamie wrestled a bear
  • What he thinks about regret
  • How he’s managed to stay in TV for 40 years!


Jamie’s website


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A Southern Gentleman Looks at 50

route 50There’s a rule that you have to write a post about what you’ve learned in life on certain birthdays, so here’s what I’ve learned in 50 years about being a southern gentleman

  1. Measure twice, cut once
  2. Spend less than your earn
  3. Treat others the way you want to be treated
  4. Take care of your stuff
  5. Remember, stuff happens
  6. Pass it On
  7. Trust, But Verify
  8. Count the cost
  9. It is what it is
  10. Eventually you must get something done
  11. Love God and love others

Wonder what I’ll learn in the next 50 years?

Every Pastor Needs a Red Foreman

redI love local church pastors. Mainly because it’s the hardest job and toughest leadership challenge out there.

The other reasons is I did it for 11 years. So

  • I know how hard you work
  • I know how much your family has to sacrifice for you to do what you do.
  • I know how tough it can be to preach/teach sometimes 3 different sermons per week but be compared to whatever famous preacher who has 2 full time research assistants, an executive pastor who actually runs the church, an unlimited media budget and teaches 36 Sundays per year, your people watch on TV or listen to their podcast during the week.
  • I know how tough it is to grit your teeth when a church member who’s been fired from 3 jobs or has kids who are totally out of control, makes a snide remark about your leadership.
  • I know how tough it is to go visit a church member’s 3rd cousin twice removed before their life-threatening ingrown toenail removal.

I get it all of that.

But (you saw that coming a mile away didn’t you?). You have GOT to stop dodging, ducking, and flat out refusing accountability. You NEED it. You should WANT it.

The New Testament is full of examples of leaders submitting to authority (Acts 15 is a great example). The whole biblical design of a local church is for it to be lead by multiples Elders. All loving, submitting to, supporting, and yes sometimes even rebuking each other.

I know this can go bad. It went bad for me. But not because the biblical model was broken, it was because all 3 of us were broken.

Don’t sidestep this by saying you have an outside board of accountability. That never works. There are tons of famous pastors who found this out the hard way. I’ve seen it happen to several friends who weren’t all that famous. Believe me, it’s not a pretty to watch. In fact, not one of these men had someone in their church who could walk in their office, close the door and tell them they were being a dumbass. Every pastor needs a Red Foreman.

Get 2 or 3 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 qualified men who love you, love Jesus and His church and want what’s best for all of those and then submit to their leadership and accountability. It’ll take time to develop the level of trust that’s required but that’s OK. It’s better to spend 6 months or year doing that, than spending 30 minutes on stage confessing to major sin or your church having to listen to an announcement that you’ve been fired.

If you’re still not convinced, do it is so the haters will have multiple targets when they decide to open fire.