Stop Apologizing for Being a Guy


For the last several years it’s become popular to make being a guy a bad thing. Most of the time the people who do it have taken an extreme example and then tried to make the case that all guys act the same way. When it was really just a punk acting like a punk.

I want guys to stop listening to this crap and stop apologizing for being a guy.

Stop apologizing for enjoying hanging out with your buddies. There’s nothing wrong with that because guys are hard-wired to need and enjoy being around a group of guys. It’s where a guy discovers who he is, how to be a man, and gets the kick in the ass, pat on the back or arm around the shoulder every guy needs. Groups are where brotherhood is formed and guys will die without it but more importantly, guys will die to get it.

Stop apologizing for liking sex. Especially if you believe the bible. The first command Noah and his sons were given after the flood was to be fruitful and multiply.

Stop apologizing for being competitive. It’s what drives guys to invent and improve stuff that makes life better.

Stop apologizing for liking sports. Sports connect with the part of every guy that makes him join an army to defend the defenseless.

Stop apologizing because you can name Alabama’s entire starting lineup. For the last 5 years. Guys are hard-wired to pass on knowledge to the next generation so they have to know it by heart.

Here’s what I want the world to understand: Let guys be guys and you’ll end up with better men.

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2 thoughts on “Stop Apologizing for Being a Guy

  1. I don’t like to hang out with other guys

    I’m not competitive

    I hate sports and sports stats, and don’t really want to join the military.

    I guess I am not really a man? Does this mean that I can not raise my son?


    • Dylan,

      Pretty sure I never said that. My point is let guys be guys instead of forcing them to behave like girls.

      Best example is the way elementary school is designed. Little boys have too much testosarone to sit quietly for long periods of time in a classroom but little girls have no problem. That’s why the number of little boys diagnosed and medicated as having ADD/ADHD has skyrocketed in the last 20 years. That’s one reason so many boys are falling behind in school.

      thanks for reading and commenting.